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Chiropractic Care

Model of spineFrom muscle control and pain and sensation to balance and organ function, the nervous system is responsible for everything that happens inside your body. Oftentimes, the communication within your body that allows it to function optimally is interrupted by displaced bones and resulting nerve pressure.

Total Healthcare of Ark-La-Tex aims to correct this interference by realigning the body and encouraging the nervous system to behave more appropriately. When your body is free to function as it knows how, your overall health is positively affected.

Our Techniques

While Dr. Warner uses a variety of adjustment techniques depending on your condition, he most commonly relies on the Impulse Adjusting Instrument® to help him perform gentle, precise adjustments.

Designed by Neuromechanical Innovations, this instrument is able to pinpoint problem areas and address them in such a way that is comfortable for patients of all ages. It may only feel like a repetitive tap on the back, but it the Impulse Adjusting Instrument that allows Dr. Warner to make a world of difference.

Ongoing Maintenance

We have seen many patients who require an active treatment plan. If our Subluxation Station indicates a challenged nervous system, we want to do all we can to correct the issue at hand and prevent it from worsening.

Standard treatment varies from person to person. Throughout your treatment, Dr. Warner will conduct a rescan to determine how well the body is responding to care and what needs to be done moving forward. Of course, we want to hear from you and formulate a plan that allows you to feel comfortable.

Chiropractic care is essential to the upkeep of the body. Our Texarkana practice looks forward to helping you maintain your health and move closer to total wellness. Contact us today to book a same-day appointment!

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